Ayurveda Team

Indian Ayurveda Specialist Team in Bali

If you want to experience the complete Indian authentic Ayurvedic medicine, then you have to come to the luxurious villa accommodation of Taman Wana, the perfect Ayurveda retreat on the island. The Ayurveda program that we offer has been specially designed for your needs by a team of certified Ayurveda healers from India.

Highly qualified Ayurveda specialist team from India

Looking for an Ayurveda specialist in Bali? We have a team of highly qualified and experienced Ayurveda practitioners with great knowledge and expertise on Ayurveda treatments.

Professional Ayurvedic doctor and Ayurvedic masseurs

Our Ayurveda wellness and healing spa and villa complex welcomes you with the most amazing Ayurveda treatments, massages and complete retreats in Bali. After the doctor’s consultation we give you a full plan according to your body type and needs and you can enjoy the best Ayurveda program performed by our Ayurvedic doctor and masseurs.

Traditional Healing in Bali

Would you want your exotic Bali vacation to include some of the best traditional healing packages for a whole and complete experience? You can enjoy all this and more at Taman Wana, the traditional healing and luxury retreat in Bali.