Ayurvedic Healing Herbs and Oils in Bail

In Taman Wana we use special healing herbs and oils imported from India. The customer satisfaction is very important for us, so we use the best quality products. In addition to our exquisite villas and accommodation services, we come to you with the best Ayurvedic treatment programs in Bali at our Ayurvedic Bali retreat.

Traditional Ayurvedic healing oils and herbs

In order to offer you the very best traditional Ayurvedic healing experience, we make sure that our Ayurveda specialists use the highest quality herbs and oils for the Ayurvedic programs in Bali. This way, we assure you of the efficiency of all our Ayurvedic treatment Bali, while you enjoy a relaxing 5 star Ayurvedic retreat experience.

Treat and heal yourself on the natural and traditional way

Our luxury Ayurvedic retreat in Bali uses only natural Ayurvedic oils and Ayurvedic herbs for the best effect of the procedures and treatments. For the relaxing Ayurvedic massages we use the best nourishing and soothing oils infused with the special Ayurvedic herbs known for their healing properties for the best Ayurvedic treatments Bali.

Treat yourself with the most amazing Ayurveda experience in the island of Bali, at the Taman Wana luxury spa and 5 stars villas resort in the Seminyak beach area.