Health Consultation

Ayurvedic Health Consultation in Bali

Besides the great and diversified pallet of traditional healing Ayurvedic procedures, at Taman Wana we also offer Ayurvedic consultations with our Ayurvedic doctor so that we know what the procedure that will best suit your health and wellbeing is, before you start the treatment. This way we make sure that our clients get the right Ayurveda Bali experience for their particular needs and health conditions.

Ayurvedic Health Consultation

Before undergoing the wonderful traditional Ayurvedic procedures in our retreat, you will get an Ayurvedic consultation from our Indian doctor. They will recommend what is the best Ayurveda procedures that you need to follow to get the most health benefits from your Ayurveda Bali experience.

Our Ayurvedic specialist team is ready to arrange treatments and programs especially for your needs

After the Ayurvedic consultation, our specialists will arrange the Ayurvedic procedures and treatments for your exact and specific needs. Leave it to our Ayurvedic doctor and team of specialists to elaborate the best treatment for you at our luxury Ayurvedic retreat in Bali. All you have to do is enjoy the amazing relaxing and health beneficial at our Ayurveda Bali luxury retreat.