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Ayurvedic packages, programs and retreats in Bali

If you haven’t yet tried the benefits of Ayurveda in Bali while on vacation, Taman Wana luxury hotel and Ayurvedic spa welcomes you to enjoy the most amazing Ayurvedic packages and retreats in Bali in a lush and luxurious environment. We want to pamper you at our own Ayurveda retreat Bali and give you the best vacation of your life!

Taman Wana is not just a luxury hotel and villas, but also a complete Ayurvedic spa, where you can enjoy the best Ayurvedic packages, as well as beauty programs and retreats in Bali. There’s plenty retreats for everyone, from relaxation Ayurvedic massages, traditional detox and cleanse packages and even our famous beauty and slimming packages at our Ayurveda retreat Bali.

We offer pancha karma, slimming, detox, anti-aging programs and retreats in a luxurious environment in Bali.

The complete Ayurvedic program Bali that we have specially designed for you includes a great variety of Ayurvedic retreats, such as the famous pancha karma, or even traditional Indian slimming and detox programs that you will definitely enjoy. Our Ayurvedic packages in Bali aim to make you feel amazing inside out, while you enjoy your stay with us in a luxurious and exotic surrounding that only Bali’s Taman Wana luxury hotel can offer.